All Levels:  Standing, seated, twisting, backward/forward bending, reclining and sometimes, inverted postures.  Modifications are given.

Aging Body:  A class to help you remain flexible, strong, balanced, with a relaxed clear mind, open heart and uplifted spirit.

Chair Yoga:  If getting up and down off the floor is a challenge, chair yoga is a great option that gives you the same benefits as you’d get in a regular mat class.  It is especially appropriate for those with a chronic condition like MS or Parkinson’s, and for those who use a walker or wheelchair.  But it is equally helpful for those who may be more adept at yoga but have knee, hip, back, shoulder or wrist limitations.  May sometimes include a few standing poses to help you work on balance and strength; having the chair next to you builds confidence and protects you from falling.

Hip Openers:  A favorite class that opens the hips and ”What’s above and below”.  Relieves back, knee, neck and sciatica pain elongating the spine, stretching the legs, and opening the hips and heart.  Great for work out recovery too.

Outside Yoga:  Yoga outside 🙂

Restorative:  Healing for everyone, but especially helpful if you have issues with endurance due to a chronic condition or if you’re recovering from an injury.  During the long posture holds (5 minutes or more), your muscles don’t have to do the work to hold you up; instead, this passive style allows you to gently surrender and soften into the support of the pillows, bolsters, and blocks.  The props allow you to experience complete relaxation and rest.

Strengthening & Opening:  A class for people who sit most of the day and want to strengthen, lengthen and open the body.

30 Minute Workout:  Exercises and yoga postures using free weights or not, to tone arms, abs, glutes and legs.

ITEMS/or something similar may be used in class, but is not required:




4 blankets(large towels)

Wall space

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