Esta Herold

Iyengar Yoga
   "Is the alignment of the consciousness
through right actions"


9:00am-10:00am no class 1/31

TUESDAY zoom closed class  
WEDNESDAY zoom  no class 1/26
THURSDAY zoom closed class  no class 1/27
FRIDAY @ Westwood Country Club 
9:00am-10:00am  no class 1/29
SUNDAY Hips @ Myo Austin 
4:30pm-5:30pm no class 1/30

VENMO:  @Esta-Herold


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Lesa S. - January 2022
I felt like a gazelle, 20 yrs younger as I ran home after class I’m so glad to be back in your class.

Blake S. - December 2021
For three years, Esta has led my yoga sessions in live and virtual formats, three to four times a week.  Her mastery and precision are greatly appreciated and have proved meaningful and impactful for me personally.  Her dedication and attention to student needs are superb.

Seth Davis - July 2021
“Flawlessly executed yoga asanas with articulate, Iyengar-based instruction”.

Jay H. - October 2020

” I have had back pain due to a motorcycle accident and Esta showed me yoga postures that resolved years of pain.
Jacob W. - August 2020
”Esta is an amazing yoga instructor. I’ve been seeing her for 3 years now for restorative yoga instruction and she is always inspiring, affirming and helps me reach a place of physical and spiritual peace.  I’m grateful to her for the work she does and being able to zoom together through Covid, we haven’t skipped a beat.”
R. Campbell - October 2020
”Esta is great.“  
“10 out of 10” review for Myo Massage & Movement
J. Foucher - October 2020
”Esta is the best Yoga instructor we have ever had at Westwood Country Club.”
Pam B. - September 2020
”10 out of 10” review for Myo Massage & Movement
”I love the yoga classes by Esta.  She is an amazing teacher and each class is perfect.”
Riddhi D. - September 2020
”I love this Strengthening and Opening” class.  It has helped me so much.
Brenda A. - August 2020
”I really appreciate your classes”

P. Russell - June 2020
“That was a very good class today.  I thought it was hard in some ways, but my body feels much better after class.  I’m very thankful to be practicing yoga with you again - it is very beneficial to my aging body!”
Andrea L. - June 2020
”Your classes my lifesaver”
Ann R. - May 2020
Hip Opener class
“Thanks for a wonderful class yesterday.  It was great for the body and very relaxing.”

Hélène T. - May 2020
”Superb Yoga classes.
The teaching allows me to fine tune my practice and reach another level of awareness.
One does not often come across such a teacher. So many thanks”.

Pam B. - May 2020
”I wanted to thank you It really is my saving grace to take your classes which help me psychologically, physically, and spiritually.”
Lisa W. - May 2020
"It is the highlight of my week to get to practice with you."
Angelique G. - March 2019
1st class with Esta: 
"Thank you that was the experience that I always thought yoga would be."

2nd class with Esta:
"I love the Iyengar approach I feel as though I am learning proper form for the first time and staying comfortable!"