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Esta Herold

Iyengar Yoga

“Begin to culture the body first from the feet and move on to culture the mind.  When the culture of the body, mind and intelligence ends one has reached the state of divinity-an unconditional state of the Self.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar
Mondays 8:45am-10:15am Myo Austin

Mondays 7:00pm-8:15pm Rope Wall/Yoga Kurunta Myo Austin

Tuesdays 5:15pm Z
oom link below

Fridays 9-10:00am Westwood Country Club 

Fridays 11-12:15 "Rope Wall/Yoga Kurunta" Myo Austin

Sundays 4:00pm-5:30pm “Hip openers" Myo Austin

Private classes by request
VENMO:  @Esta-Herold


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Kelly B. ~ January, 2023
At age 68 with 2 knee replacements pending and hearing at the doctor’s office that I am shrinking (5’11 and 1/4” from 6’), I was delighted when Esta said she had Lumbar Elongating exercises I could do, even while sitting.  She recorded our Zoom session, so I can repeat any time I want.
Esta has a lovely voice, is patient, and fully descriptive of the poses-down to the last detail.
She is delightful and very knowledgeable!
Aloha, from Maui

Heather J. ~ September, 2022
I have been practicing Hatha and Ashtanga yoga for 20+ years. Knowing that Iyengar emphasizes body alignment, I sought out private Iyengar instruction with the goal of creating a daily home practice that would support my health goals as my body ages. I was so fortunate to find Esta!

Esta and I had a private 1.5-hour session together and the entire experience was one I will treasure forever.  Esta created an entire weekly Iyengar routine for me that was incredibly thoughtful and thorough. She spent great care understanding my health goals and my time / physical constraints as well. We then met together for our class where she asked clarifying questions and checked out my form and ability on several poses.

I now have a day-by-day home routine, customized just for me, my body, and my goals! Esta typed it all up and included timings and photos as well!

Esta gave me an incredible gift and I will certainly return to her as my practice evolves. I have never had such an incredible, personalized instructional experience before and I am truly grateful to Esta!

Rebecca F. - April 2022
I was managing the care of a yogi with a terminal, degenerative neurological disease.  She had been practicing yoga for years & performed many complicated asanas with Esta before I met either of them.  Though her physical abilities had declined when I met them both, Esta guided restorative yoga and spiritual connection, both incredibly important to maintain strength and flexibility while the disease progressed.  As my client’s body broke down, her spirit remained incredibly powerful, largely fed by Esta’s ability to be completely present with guiding her body’s breathing and deep relaxation.  These skills were incredibly important for her comfort.  I cannot speak words to convey the therapeutic and spiritual blessings Esta brought her. Namaste.    

Lesa S. - January 2022
I felt like a gazelle, 20 yrs younger as I ran home after class I’m so glad to be back in your class.

Blake S. - December 2021
For three years, Esta has led my yoga sessions in live and virtual formats, three to four times a week.  Her mastery and precision are greatly appreciated and have proved meaningful and impactful for me personally.  Her dedication and attention to student needs are superb.

Seth Davis - July 2021
“Flawlessly executed yoga asanas with articulate, Iyengar-based instruction”.

Jay H. - October 2020

” I have had back pain due to a motorcycle accident and Esta showed me yoga postures that resolved years of pain.
Jacob W. - August 2020
”Esta is an amazing yoga instructor. I’ve been seeing her for 3 years now for restorative yoga instruction and she is always inspiring, affirming and helps me reach a place of physical and spiritual peace.  I’m grateful to her for the work she does and being able to zoom together through Covid, we haven’t skipped a beat.”
R. Campbell - October 2020
”Esta is great.“  
“10 out of 10” review for Myo Massage & Movement
J. Foucher - October 2020
”Esta is the best Yoga instructor we have ever had at Westwood Country Club.”
Pam B. - September 2020
”10 out of 10” review for Myo Massage & Movement
”I love the yoga classes by Esta.  She is an amazing teacher and each class is perfect.”
Riddhi D. - September 2020
”I love this Strengthening and Opening” class.  It has helped me so much.
Brenda A. - August 2020
”I really appreciate your classes”

P. Russell - June 2020
“That was a very good class today.  I thought it was hard in some ways, but my body feels much better after class.  I’m very thankful to be practicing yoga with you again - it is very beneficial to my aging body!”
Andrea L. - June 2020
”Your classes my lifesaver”
Ann R. - May 2020
Hip Opener class
“Thanks for a wonderful class yesterday.  It was great for the body and very relaxing.”

Hélène T. - May 2020
”Superb Yoga classes.
The teaching allows me to fine tune my practice and reach another level of awareness.
One does not often come across such a teacher. So many thanks”.

Pam B. - May 2020
”I wanted to thank you It really is my saving grace to take your classes which help me psychologically, physically, and spiritually.”
Lisa W. - May 2020
"It is the highlight of my week to get to practice with you."
Angelique G. - March 2019
1st class with Esta: 
"Thank you that was the experience that I always thought yoga would be."

2nd class with Esta:
"I love the Iyengar approach I feel as though I am learning proper form for the first time and staying comfortable!"
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